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  • Colin Fraser


THREE STARS Two brothers spring a psychotic safe-cracker from jail to steal the takings from a car race meeting.

Starring Channing Tatum and Adam Driver


Out of retirement, Steven MAGIC MIKE Soderbergh returns with a well made if disappointingly conventional heist movie set in a sports arena. This is the sort of thing the formerly cutting edge director now does in his sleep, offering an unlikely hero who turns out to be smarter than we think. A role usually given to Matt Damon or George Clooney is given to Channing Tatum, supported by his war-damaged brother Adam Driver, siblings who team up with a hard core safecracker (Daniel Craig) to take the significant takings from a NASCAR meet. Right from the start it’s easy to work out where this is going to go, and how this is going to get there. A little because it’s some variant on Soderbergh’s Oceans franchise and a lot because it’s Soderbergh. Safe hands, sure (it’s a super slick slice of cinema), but no longer hands that surprise. LOGAN LUCKY is a taught and frequently entertaining film, but one that lacks the grit and depth of a bookend like HELL OR HIGH WATER that trod similar ground - damaged bank-robbing brothers - more effectively and served up a surprise ending that actually surprises.

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