FOUR STARS A cyborg arrives from the future to protect mankind. It's followed by another, with different plans.

Starring Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Linda Hamilton


This classic tale of Google, er, Skynet's attempt to change the past gets a 3D redux for its 25th birthday. In 1984, James Cameron's vision of the future was a very bleak place in which machines had taken over the world and humans were the enemy. A cyborg killing machine (Schwarzenegger) had been sent into the past to sure up Skynet's advantage. Seven years later and it returns with the same face but a different body to sure things up for the humans. Accordingly Skynet sends a vastly superior cyborg to fight their corner, and the future sits in the balance.

If ever you wanted a masterclass in action-adventure, JUDGEMENT DAY is that film. Cameron's mix of drama, wit and high-octane set pieces, coupled with powerful fx and Schwarzenegger's equally powerful screen presence makes for one of the best films of its genre. It gave us something to think about in terms of Artificial Intelligence, and presaged the future in terms of big data and the implications for humanity. It also gave us a couple of sexy cyborgs and the perennial 'Hasta la vista, baby!'. What more do you need?

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