FOUR STARS When Norway is invaded by Nazi forces during WW2, the King is obliged to make a difficult choice.

Starring Jesper Christensen and Anders Baasmo Christiansen


A story virtually unknown outside Norway: in April 1940 invading Nazis presented the Norwegian King with an ultimatum - surrender or die. For three days his family wrestles with their options, and the greater good for their country. The King's daughter takes shelter in neighbouring Sweden while her husband elects to face the Germans head on. Their father refuses to capitulate, a decision that may cost him his life. This searing yet sober drama has the one thing every good war film should have: a resounding moral lesson. It eschews the typical bangs and battle brouhaha to muse on the courage of leadership, and offer up a history lesson from which to learn. Here's a nation facing a military juggernaut determined to gets its way from a country poorly equipped to defend itself. Catastrophe seems inevitable; but is saving dignity while surrendering land an acceptable choice? From the comfort of distance, both physical and temporal, it's a fascinating question.

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