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  • Colin Fraser


THREE STARS British boxer Jimmy McCabe tries to make a comeback, and get his life back on track.


Writer / actor / boxer Johnny Harris dramatises his ‘own story’ in this visceral boxing yarn about Jimmy McCabe, a former champion who turns to his old club (run by gruff Ray Winstone) to help get his life back on track. Against better judgement, McCabe has done a deal with dodgy promoter Ian McShane and the rest, well, the rest is sweat and gloves, more sweat and blood as the boxer does what a boxer has to do. JAWBONE doesn’t pull its punches as we get to feel first hand what faded McCabe is going through: it’s a long way back to the starting block and his journey is soaked in fear and determination. It’s one thing to face your opponent in the ring, quite another to face your personal demons. A throbbing score by Paul Weller adds another layer of grit to this punishing yet rewarding film.

Currently screening as part of the British Film Festival

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