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THREE STARS When Sandra dumps her cheating husband, she moves in with her estranged sister.

Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie


A far cry from Richard Loncraine’s punishing version of RICHARD III, FINDING YOUR FEET is another easy-going, feel-good comedy akin to his 2004 easy-going, feel-good comedy WIMBLEDON.

Yet it is a different story for a different time for the ageing director’s focus is squarely on ageing gracefully. His cast of pensioner don’t feel the need to decamp to India nor jump from planes in an unlikely attempt at ticking the bucket list. They have regular problems faced by regular people and a result, FINDING YOUR FEET is a more honest and heartfelt entry into the canon of Old Folks Flicks.

There’s nothing fresh about the film but but what it lacks by way of achallenging narrative, it makes up for with effortlessly engaging and charming performances from stalwarts of British cinema: Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Timothy Spall, David Hayman and Joanna Lumley among others. It kicks off when upper-class Sandra (Staunton) catches her husband in flagrante delicto, dumps him and reluctantly moves in with her working class sister Elizabeth (Imrie). Issues arise and passions are inflamed against a background of new love, old heartache and dancing classes.

As discussed, the well worn narrative is one that could be mapped out almost from the beginning. It forces you to look elsewhere for the pleasure of Loncraine’s film, and it is a pleasurable experience, one that rests firmly in watching seasoned actors bring real warmth to events that in lesser hands would be a mawkish and dreary experience. Amid the cliched tourist shots in London (Look! Tower Bridge!) and Rome when their dance class unrealistically tours to perform at the Biennale (Look! The Coliseum!) you’ll find some very gentle and heart-warming scenes. Add some finely targeted, laugh-out-loud comedy and FINDING YOUR FEET picks up a gear.

It may not be any fresher than its ageing characters, yet in reaffirming a simple message - that it’s never too late - it hits home with the welcome embrace of a cup of cocoa.


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