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THREE STARS Ethan Hunt's IMF team are on the trail of a nuclear bomb wielding maniac. Familiar?

Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has got the band back together for another chase around beautiful cities and impossible skylines as they track down a crazed psycho intent on destroying the world. So far, just another day in the office at IMF. And in many ways, so is MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT which ticks all the boxes expected by its audience. High octane car chase (tick), high octane motorcycle chase (tick), high-octane helicopter chase (tick). You get the picture.

To be fair, MI:F has more going for it than a number of instalments in this spectacularly successful franchise. Tom’s on form, the support case are engaging, his beautiful nemesis-turned-associate (THE CROWN’s Vanessa Kirby) captures the screen and the stunts are truly, well, high-octane. What it lacks in originality (face it, we’ve been here since the first James Bond film in 1962), it rewards by way of edge-of-the-seat stunt work. Not that you haven’t seen car / bike / helicopter / etc chases but it’s unlikely you’ve seen them with such authenticity and precision as you see them here.

Eschewing the pitfalls of CGI action has become a trade mark of MI films, with a preference to keep things as real as they can possibly be. If you’re watching Tom dangling from a helicopter, chances are it is Tom dangling from a helicopter. As with MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, it adds a visceral thrill to proceedings knowing that the people risking their lives are putting a lot at risk. Unfortunately, proceedings go on a little too long and at two-and-a-half-something hours, by the time the team from IMF unravel the plot, rip off a series of rubber masks to finally stop the bomb(s) you’re much more interested in your own ticking watch than the one attached to a countdown clock.

Nonetheless, for pure popcorn entertainment you can got considerably further to get considerably less than by tuning out for a couple of hours with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT.

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