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TWO AND A HALF STARS Bob the street cat returns in this Christmas themed story of love and responsibility.

Luke Tredaway, Bob


On the back of the success of A STREET CAT NAMED BOB comes this unashamedly sentimental Christmas movie that reunites us with Britain’s favourite feline busker

True story. An unlikely friendship developed when homeless busker James (Luke Treadaway) was adopted by Bob, a street cat who recognised a man in need. Together they became a fixture around inner London where James worked as a busking Big Issue salesman and Bob kept him company (on the street, in a park, on the bus, in a pub). Together they grew stronger; James kicked his addictions and eventually moved off the streets when they were placed in a council flat. Happy ending. That was BOB 1.

In BOB 2, it’s a similarly tale but with tinsel and extra turkey. The danger is no longer drugs and homelessness but the Council’s animal welfare officers. What sort of cat travels around London, they ask. Is Charlie taking good care of Bob, they ask with greater urgency. Cue carols, possibility, failure, laughs, tears, a little snow and a different but no less happy ending (it’s a Christmas movie, right?)

What BOB 2 lacks in gravitas (and there’s no escaping the thin, thin plotting despite a heavy, heavy coating of mawkish sentimentality), it makes up for with crowd-pleasing earnestness. You’ll certainly find greater menace in a Christmas Pantomime or any episode of Bluey than what’s served up here, but that too is part of the charm, pitched as it is at younger viewers and cat-fanciers in general.

Is life richer because of BOB 2? Probably not, but then nor is it poorer. What it offers is a perfect way to entertain kids (and cat fanciers) over the Christmas holidays while once again spending time with Bob who, once again, plays himself. What a star!


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