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  • Colin Fraser


An ancient Egyptian mummy is unearthed, causing all kinds of mayhem when she unleashes her curse.

Starring Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe


Oh my. Tom Cruise in a Mummy reboot? Russell Crowe as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? In a Mummy movie? Seriously, what were they thinking? Box office no doubt and the hope of creating a Dark Universe franchise to rival those over at DC or Marvel. Problem is, it’s THE MUMMY which hasn’t had the best of runs over the years (Brendan Fraser anyone?) And if the only second string character who’s lined up for an inevitable origins spin off is Dr Jekyll, then you might want to rethink the whole concept. But they didn’t and here we are with Tom doing his all too familiar run-and-yell routine in the spirit of a character some thirty years his junior. And let’s not even concern ourselves with Dr Jekyll (dumb dumb dumb). There are some moments (in truth, Tom handles this kind of action nonsense with a degree of conviction), but mostly it’s only suitable as the fourth film on your way to Europe; the one you can barely remember watching when you get there. And that’s as it ought to be.

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